Cliffs of Moher, Ireland


The Cliffs of Moher are world famous and for good reason! The cliffs are breathtaking, and a feat of nature! We were very nervous beforehand about visiting the Cliffs with a wild and crazy newly turned 3 year old. We had heard of the strong winds and various people had told us to “strap her to us” so I had anxiety imagining a tornado popping up and sweeping us from the edge of the cliffs! But none of that happened, and I highly recommend visiting The Cliffs with a tot or child in tow. Our daughter said “WOW” when we stood at the top, and was mesmerized by the sheer magnitude of it all!

Travel: We drove to the Cliffs from Dromoland Castle in County Clare, and the drive took us a little over 1 hour. You can read my thoughts on Dromoland here! After visiting the Cliffs, we then drove to Galway for the next part of our trip, and the drive from The Cliffs to Galway took us appx 1 hour 30 minutes. A lot of tourists choose to access The Cliffs via Limerick which is an appx 1 hour 12 minute drive. There are also several tour companies that operate bus tours direct from Dublin such as Paddywagon Tours or Irish Day Tours. The car park is located directly across the street from the cliffs visitor center. There are, of course, places to access the Cliffs along the road, but these are not the official entrance at the Visitor’s Center location. If traveling with a little one it is my suggestion to visit the Cliffs at the official entrance. When you pull into the car park, you will be charged admission to the site, and will present your tickets as needed at the Visitor Center.

$$$: Ticket prices are 8Euro per adult and children under 16 are free! There is a new online booking tool, and tickets are reduced almost half in most cases. The ticket prices include entry to the Cliffs, Visitor Center, and parking. If you want to climb O’Brien’s Tower to the lookout there is an additional cost of 2Euro per person and they do not accept cards, etc. Cash only. You pay upon entering the tower.

Tips / Comments:

  • We visited the Cliffs after 3pm, and found it was an ideal time to visit. We had read that the Cliffs were much less crowded in the afternoon as most tour companies have departed, etc and this proved to be true. The site stays open until 7pm in the spring and 9pm in the summer which gives you heaps of time to enjoy.
  • The area / visitor center is stroller / buggy friendly. There are paved walkways, etc for the main viewing areas.
  • Make sure if you want to climb O’Brien’s tower for the lookout point to bring cash. No cards accepted.
  • The winds are strong! Be careful and ensure you have proper jacket / wind breaker especially for little ones! The Cliffs post a weather hazard status daily so be sure to check it out.
  • Don’t pass up the Visitor Center as it is fabulous. They have an entire interactive area for children as well as a film. Our daughter loved the interactive play area. There is also a cafe and gift shop! I actually found some unique items at the gift shop that I did see elsewhere in Ireland so definitely worth a stop in.
  • If looking at the water, there is a path to the left that if you follow will lead you to the hiking trail along the Cliffs where there is little grating / railing which is where the below picture was taken. We did NOT take our daughter on this path and were fortunate enough to have grandparents there to stay with her. I do not recommend children in this area!



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