A kiss around the world

I have been missing for about a month now as we have been crazy busy. We returned from Ireland to take a quick beach trip to celebrate my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary! 60 years yall! 🙂 And then we headed off to Spain for my cousin’s wedding. We are now back and finally settling back into our normal quiet routine. I’ll be back regularly starting now with continuing posts about Ireland and then moving to Spain! In the meantime, I am so happy as we got more kissing photos to add to my kissing wall at home from Spain and Ireland. Updated below:


Updated June 24, 2018

A photo journal

On our honeymoon we started a tradition that has now been running for a decade, and that our daughter is now a part of! Follow our photo journal below of our kisses around the world!

Kissing in Rome Italy
Rome, Italy
Kissing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Kissing at the Eiffle Tower
Paris, France
Kissing at Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu, Peru
Kissing at Sydney Opera House
Sydney, Australia
Kissing at Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn, New York
New Zealand
Matauri Bay, New Zealand
Kissing in New Zealand
The Lost World Cave, New Zealand
Kissing in Venice
Venice, Italy
Kissing in the Bahamas
Paradise Island, Bahamas
Kissing atop Roys Peak
Wanaka, New Zealand
Then there was 3
Then there was 3… Southern Oaks – Alabama
Kissing at the beach
30A, Florida
Kissing Top of the Rock
New York, New York
Kissing Top of the Whistler
Whistler, British Columbia
Kissing Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe, California
Kissing in New Zealand
Kauri Cliffs, New Zealand
Kissing Queenstown, New Zealand
Queenstown, New Zealand
Disney World
Paris, Epcot, Disney World
Parc Guell Barcelona Spain
Barcelona, Spain
Killarney, Ireland
Killarney, Ireland
Calella de Palafrugell
Calella de Palafrugell, Spain
Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
Dromoland Castle, Ireland
Dromoland Castle, Ireland

We have an entire wall in our home dedicated to “our kissing wall”. When we look at these beautiful pictures, we are reminded of our wonderful memories. Travel has a way of humbling you; making you realize how insignificant you are compared to the scale and grander of the world. However, there is nothing small about love. We are so thankful each and every day for the gift of marriage, and our greatest blessing of all: our beautiful,happy daughter! We look forward to adding to these photos over time! What is your favorite travel tradition?


Blanes, Spain

Jardi Botanic Marimurtra
Jardi Botanic Mari

Blanes is a seaside resort located in the Girona province of the Catalonia region of Spain, and known as the “Gateway to the Costa Brava”. While smaller than Lloret de Mar, Blanes is still a very popular tourist destination, and a big town! Blanes is a great destination offering a wide variety of activities, eateries, shops, beaches, and attractions! We visited Blanes in June as a day trip from Girona, but many people choose to visit Blanes for extended periods of time as their summer getaway and base for exploring the Girona area of Spain! We thought Blanes was a wonderful day trip with our little one, and hope you plan a visit to enjoy the stunning beauty and local scene!

Travel: Blanes is appx a 1 hour car drive from Barcelona. As already mentioned, we visited Blanes as a day trip from Girona, and the drive took us appx 1 hour. There is also train service from Barcelona to Blanes. You can leave from Barcelona airport or Barcelona city center. If traveling from the airport, the trip should take you appx 2 hours, and will cost less then 7 Euro one way. If you buy the return ticket, it will expire by the end of the following day so it is best to buy 2 individual single rides so you have more flexibility in your timetable especially if traveling with little ones unless you absolutely know you will be returning the next day. Also, you must purchase the train ticket in person at the ticket counter. As of current, it is not available on the RENFE website. There are also day trips available from Barcelona that will take you to the Costa Brava such as this one via Viator that has 5 star reviews!

Exploring Blanes: 

Jardi Botanic Marimurtra: Our first stop in Blanes was the Marimurtra botanical gardens, and this was quite possibly my favorite spot we visited in Spain! The gardens are located at the top of steep cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean with panoramic views and a variety of over 4000 plant species! There is a small cafe on site with snacks, lunch items, ice cream, etc. which was great for visiting with a child. The gardens are stroller accessible, but some areas are not. You must follow the pathways that are stroller accessible. We usually parked the stroller, and would hike down the stairs when there were areas where we wanted to visit, but could not venture with the stroller in tow. There is also a photo opportunity with exotic birds on site where little ones can hold the birds on their arms – this was a hit with our daughter! 🙂 When we visited in June, the gardens were open daily from 9 am to 8 pm. Ticket prices are 7 Euro per adult, and our daughter was free as she was under 4 years of age.

The Beach: There are several beaches to choose from in Blanes, but we we chose: Cala San Francesc. The beach is also known as ‘Cala Bona’ which means ‘pretty cove’ – we heard lots of locals referring to the beach by this name! This beach is located close to the Jardi Botanic Marimurtra gardens which is why we chose it. You can walk from the gardens to the beach down the small road, and you only have to park once! It is a cove beach surrounded by cliffs and trees! There is a restaurant on site, bathroom & changing facilities, lifeguards, chair rentals, and stroller access pads! This is a great beach for kids!

Cala Bona
Cala Bona Beach near the gardens Hubby and daughter 🙂

Other local activities to consider: Castillo de San Juan Blanes is an old fortress perched high above Blanes with great views. There is also an outdoor market beachside every Monday on the Passeig de Mar in Blanes from 8 am to 2 pm.

Tips to Remember (especially for kids):

  • Most shops and restaurants will close for Siesta starting around 2pm so make preparations for your little ones if they are not used to eating late.
  • Spain’s beaches are topless so prepare any children for this in advance if this is different than your norm and as needed.
  • Prostitution is legal in Spain, and on the Costa Brava highways we saw about 15 prostitutes  with plastic lawn chairs and umbrellas alongside the road. Children may ask a lot of questions regarding this so just prepare your answers ahead of time based on what you are comfortable divulging to them based on age.
Jardi Botanic Marimurtra
Jardi Botanic Marimurtra

Calella de Palafrugell, Spain

Calella de Palafrugell
Husband & daughter exploring Calella de Palafrugell!

Calella de Palafrugell is located in the Catalonia region of Spain and is a small fishing town on the coast of Costa Brava, Spain in the province of Girona. This small town is stunning and captivating, and the pace is ideal for recharging and letting little ones have free reign.

View from walkway under Saint Roc Hotel
View from walkway under Saint Roc Hotel

Travel: Calella de Palafrugell is appx 1 hour 30 minutes north of Barcelona, and would make a wonderful day trip! We spent 1 week in the Girona province, and traveled to Calella de Palafrugell from the city Girona, Spain. The drive took us appx 1 hour. There are also tour companies that will bring you to Costa Brava as a day trip from Barcelona such as this one thru Viator which has 5 star reviews!

Hotel: We stayed at Hotel Garbi which is less than a mile walk to town. The hotel is situated higher up in the town, and doesn’t afford sweeping views of the ocean, but we chose this hotel for the amazing kid friendly amenities. The hotel has a play gym on the outdoor terrace of the restaurant, a pool, kid toys & tent in the lounge, and lots of room to explore including lots of trees, statues, and live ducks. We loved this hotel, and would definitely stay here again. We had one of the ocean facing renovated Mediterranean rooms. We traveled in June, and paid 152 Euro for bed & breakfast! The breakfast was very good: continental style, but offered a hot and cold buffet with juices, coffee, and wine! Another favorite hotel in town is Sant Roc. This hotel has probably one of the best views of Calella de Palafrugell, and if you are able, definitely dine on their outdoor terrace for sweeping views. This hotel is also a closer walk to the center of town. There are also lots of self catering holiday homes / apartments available for rent.

Exploring the village: There are several little beaches scattered along the promenade of Calella de Palafrugell. They are easy to spot, and you can choose to set up where you wish. Our daughter loved looking for rocks and shells at the beach, and found some beautiful additions to her collection. We enjoyed just strolling thru this seaside town, spending time at the beaches, having lunch & ice cream, and browsing in all of the shops along the promenade. The town is so small that we found it nice for our daughter to be able to walk alongside us and enjoy some independence after being in the bigger city of Girona and especially true when compared to Barcelona. We ate lunch beach side on the promenade. There are several restaurants to consider. Remember that most restaurants close down for siesta especially in this little town, but we did find there were still a few open serving food, tapas, and drinks. The seafood was fantastic! The shops also close down so make sure you visit them earlier in the day if you can. Most restaurants open back up around 8 pm for dinner, and most shops re open around 5 pm. There are also the reported stunning gardens of Jardi Botanical de Cape Roig in Calella de Palafrugell. We did not have the opportunity to visit, but consider keeping this on your radar for another family friendly activity.

Beach, Calella de Palafrugell
Beach, Calella de Palafrugell

Tips to Remember (especially for kids):

  • As already commented on most shops and restaurants will close for Siesta starting around 2pm so make preparations for your little ones if they are not used to eating late.
  • Spain’s beaches are topless so prepare any children for this in advance if this is different than your norm and as needed.
  • Prostitution is legal in Spain, and on the Costa Brava highways we saw about 15 prostitutes  with plastic lawn chairs and umbrellas alongside the road. Children may ask a lot of questions regarding this so just prepare your answers ahead of time based on what you are comfortable divulging to them based on age.
  • For great photos, walk to the hotel Sant Roc and follow the stoned pathway in front of the hotel down below, and you will come to a section overlooking all of Calella de Palafrugell.

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland


The Cliffs of Moher are world famous and for good reason! The cliffs are breathtaking, and a feat of nature! We were very nervous beforehand about visiting the Cliffs with a wild and crazy newly turned 3 year old. We had heard of the strong winds and various people had told us to “strap her to us” so I had anxiety imagining a tornado popping up and sweeping us from the edge of the cliffs! But none of that happened, and I highly recommend visiting The Cliffs with a tot or child in tow. Our daughter said “WOW” when we stood at the top, and was mesmerized by the sheer magnitude of it all!

Travel: We drove to the Cliffs from Dromoland Castle in County Clare, and the drive took us a little over 1 hour. You can read my thoughts on Dromoland here! After visiting the Cliffs, we then drove to Galway for the next part of our trip, and the drive from The Cliffs to Galway took us appx 1 hour 30 minutes. A lot of tourists choose to access The Cliffs via Limerick which is an appx 1 hour 12 minute drive. There are also several tour companies that operate bus tours direct from Dublin such as Paddywagon Tours or Irish Day Tours. The car park is located directly across the street from the cliffs visitor center. There are, of course, places to access the Cliffs along the road, but these are not the official entrance at the Visitor’s Center location. If traveling with a little one it is my suggestion to visit the Cliffs at the official entrance. When you pull into the car park, you will be charged admission to the site, and will present your tickets as needed at the Visitor Center.

$$$: Ticket prices are 8Euro per adult and children under 16 are free! There is a new online booking tool, and tickets are reduced almost half in most cases. The ticket prices include entry to the Cliffs, Visitor Center, and parking. If you want to climb O’Brien’s Tower to the lookout there is an additional cost of 2Euro per person and they do not accept cards, etc. Cash only. You pay upon entering the tower.

Tips / Comments:

  • We visited the Cliffs after 3pm, and found it was an ideal time to visit. We had read that the Cliffs were much less crowded in the afternoon as most tour companies have departed, etc and this proved to be true. The site stays open until 7pm in the spring and 9pm in the summer which gives you heaps of time to enjoy.
  • The area / visitor center is stroller / buggy friendly. There are paved walkways, etc for the main viewing areas.
  • Make sure if you want to climb O’Brien’s tower for the lookout point to bring cash. No cards accepted.
  • The winds are strong! Be careful and ensure you have proper jacket / wind breaker especially for little ones! The Cliffs post a weather hazard status daily so be sure to check it out.
  • Don’t pass up the Visitor Center as it is fabulous. They have an entire interactive area for children as well as a film. Our daughter loved the interactive play area. There is also a cafe and gift shop! I actually found some unique items at the gift shop that I did see elsewhere in Ireland so definitely worth a stop in.
  • If looking at the water, there is a path to the left that if you follow will lead you to the hiking trail along the Cliffs where there is little grating / railing which is where the below picture was taken. We did NOT take our daughter on this path and were fortunate enough to have grandparents there to stay with her. I do not recommend children in this area!



Powerscourt Gardens, Ireland

Powerscourt Gardens, Ireland

National Geographic named Powerscourt Gardens in County Wicklow, Ireland as one of the top 3 gardens in the world! The gardens were designed in 1731 and encompass a sprawling 47 acres at the base of the Wicklow Mountains with a beautiful lake, terraces, international flowers, bridges, and a tower! Powerscourt is stunning, and a great day trip with children!

Travel: You can reach Powerscourt within 1 hour of Dublin by car. There is also a day tour from Dublin which will bring you to the estate, and you receive 20% off if booking online here. 


There are 2 sections to Powerscourt. There is the estate & gardens area which is also where the hotel and golf course are located. Then there is the Powerscourt Waterfall area which is located separately from the estate. We suggest you take a full day and do both!

Waterfall: The Powerscourt Waterfall is located appx 6 km from the main estate, and is Ireland’s highest waterfall! The entry fee to visit the waterfall is separate from the gardens. The cost is 6Euro per adult and 3.50Euro per child with under 2 being free. This is a wonderful family place. The car park is located only a short walk from the waterfall. There is a playground and little cafe stand onsite, and bbq facilities for picnicking, etc. Our daughter loved this stop off!

Powerscourt, Ireland
Powerscourt Waterfall, Ireland highest waterfall!

Estate & Gardens: You can visit the estate without a ticket to visit the Avoca store & cafe which is fabulous. Avoca is one of my favorite Irish stores! The cafe is also great offering a wide variety. I ordered a meat pie with a carrot salad and a nut  salad. The gardens are accessible from inside the estate, and there are different seasonal prices, but from March – October when we were there ticket prices are 10Euro per adult, and free for under 5. 5E for a child ticket. There is lots of natural beauty for little ones to run around in. We walked around the entire garden loop, and my daughter particularly loved the Japanese gardens with the little bridges over the stream. Another favorite was the Pepperpot Tower where she climbed to the top!

Hotel & Golf: We visited Powerscourt as a day trip, but if you would like to stay on the property there is the 5 star hotel and golf course. We did not stay onsite so cannot provide a first hand review of that aspect, but can say the setting and property is just gorgeous!

Don’t miss this stunning location!

Powerscourt Gardens & Estates
Powerscourt Gardens & Estate


Kinsale, Ireland

Kinsale, Ireland
Kinsale, Ireland
Kinsale, Ireland

Kinsale is a lovely medieval village on the southern coast of Ireland in county Cork, and the beginning point of the Wild Atlantic Way or the ending, I guess, depending on the direction you are travelling 🙂 Each building in the town center is painted a different vibrant color, and there are sailboats galore lining the mouth of the River Brandon. This historic port and fishing town also is home to a 17th century fortress that offers sweeping views of the surrounding area! Kinsale is also referred to as “The Gourmet Capital of Ireland”, and they host a Gourmet festival every October or so said the brochures in the town’s tourist information center!

We visited Kinsale with our daughter as a day trip on our route thru Ireland from Cork heading to Killarney, and I highly recommend adding Kinsale to your Irish itinerary!

Travel: Kinsale is appx 25 km south of Cork, and the drive took us appx 35 minutes. When departing the drive took us appx 1 1/2 hours to Killarney. Other near by hot spots is the town of Cobh which is appx 45 minutes away or Blarney for a kiss on the Blarney stone which is appx 40 mins away.


Kinsale Village: The village of Kinsale is full of shops, eateries, and winding interesting streets and squares! We enjoyed meandering through the narrow streets, and popping into the shops. We loved the Kinsale book store, and the ice cream shop. There are also lots of sail boats and kayaks lining the front of town in the harbor, and you can check out the Kinsale portal to explore water based activities. There is also a farmer’s market every Wednesday in the town center from 9 am until 2:30 pm. And definitely don’t miss the park:

Kinsale Town Park: There is a great park right in the center of town which is ideal for little ones!

Wild Atlantic Way Passport: Kinsale is the beginning of the Wild Atlantic Way. You can pick up a Wild Atlantic Way Passport at select post offices and visitor centers along the route. As you make your way along the Wild Atlantic Way you can get your passport stamped at each scenic spot. There are 188 discovery points listed in the Passport that are divided into 6 zones. The cost of the passport is 10Euro. Our daughter loved her passport and obtaining her stamps at each stop along the way! This is a great way to get kids engaged in the route! The visitor center is right in the middle of Kinsale on Pearse Street.

Wild Atlantic Passport
Get your Wild Atlantic Passport stamped at each stop along the route!

Charles Fort: Charles Fort is a 17th century star shaped fort that is located 3km from the base of Kinsale town. The fort charges admission of 5Euro per adult and 3Euro per child. This is a great family stop as the history is incredible and the views are gorgeous, but it also offers lots of fun for kids. You walk across a drawbridge to enter the fort, and then our daughter enjoyed rolling down the grassy hills with several other children, climbing on the stone walls, and racing through the ruins and discovering all of the coves, etc. Sometimes historical places do not allow for a lot of freedom, but there is lots of free range exploration inside the fort which is thrilling for adults and kids alike!

Don’t miss this charming Irish town!

Sailboats in Kinsale
Sailboats in Kinsale

Kid Friendly Irish Castles

Our 3 favorite Kid Friendly Irish Castles

Dromoland Castle
Dromoland Castle Estate

Birr Castle

#1 on our list! Birr Castle dates back to medieval times, and is still occupied! The castle is the private residence of the Parson Family who arrived at the castle in 1620. The family opened the castle to the public in 2014, and now offers inside guided tours of the castle thru pre-booking during May – August. We were not fortunate enough to be visiting during this time, but the castle grounds are still worth the trip! The gardens are stunning, and host a wide variety of rare plants. There is also a treehouse adventure area with Ireland’s largest tree house, a bouncy pad, hobbit hut, sand pits, play gyms, snack hut, and picnic tables. There is a cafe on site and an ice cream stand. Birr Castle also has a science center and the historic great telescope. The telescope was built in the 1840s and was the largest telescope in the world at that time. Scientific and creative minds from around the world came to Birr to learn and observe space! The inventor of the computer, Charles Babbage even visited Birr! Birr Castle is a pretty unique and inspiring place to visit! This lands it on our list as our favorite Irish castle estate, and our favorite for kids!

Birr Castle is located in County Offaly. We traveled to Birr Castle from Galway, and the drive took us appx 1 hour 20 mins. From Dublin the drive is appx 1 hour 30 mins, and from Limerick appx 1 hour. There is no parking on site at Birr Castle, but there is a paid park and display car park across the street. The parking machine only takes coins so we walked 1 street over into the main hub of town to get exact change. The town was lovely as well with lots of shops and eateries. Tickets are 9Euro per adult, and our daughter was free. Children 5 and older are 5Euro. If you are lucky enough to visit the castle interior then tickets cost 18 Euro, but is only suitable for children 12 and above.

Dromoland Castle


Dromomland Castle’s history dates back to 1014, and was the ancestral home of the O’Brien family who were the Kings of Thomond. When the castle grounds were comprised of more than 2000 acres, the O’Brien’s Tower located at the Cliffs of Moher was actually part of the original estate. The castle was converted in 1962 to a luxury hotel, and today encompasses more than 400 acres. We actually stayed on site at this hotel, and loved it! The estate has so many kid friendly activities that it is no wonder the castle is part of the “Adventures by Disney” itineraries. We participated in the falcon walk where we all, including our daughter, got to have a falcon land on our arm. This experience was brilliant, and our guide named Colin was wonderful. He spent a lot of time educating us on the art of falconry, and took us back to view all of the falcons/owls afterwards. The hotel also prepared a teddy bear picnic for us upon request complete with a teddy bear and miniature sandwiches/tarts for our daughter. There is a beautiful fairy garden, a lake with boats and ducks for feeding, lots of hiking/walking trails, tennis courts, swimming pool, spa, and golf course! Upon check in, we were all treated in the lounge with complimentary tea, coffee, and hot chocolate for our daughter with marshmallows! 🙂 Our daughter also received coloring pencils and an activity book at check in! We were impressed by all of the special touches personalizing this stay for our daughter. All of the staff referred to her as “princess” while on the premises! 🙂 The room was equipped with a junior robe and slippers, and during the nightly turn down service fruit worms were left for our daughter on her bed! The breakfast served in the main dining room is also amazing and enjoyable, and has lots of kid friendly options!

Dromoland Castle is located in County Clare. We arrived at Dromoland from Killarney, and the drive took us appx 1 hour. Drommoland is located 8 miles from Shannon airport; is accessible via car to Galway in appx 1 hour or 20 mins to Limerick. Upon departing Dromoland we headed for the Cliffs of Moher, and the drive took us appx 45 mins.

Kylemore Abbey:


Kylemore was originally built as a castle in 1868 by the Henry family. Margaret and Mitchell Henry visited the ground of Kylemore in the mid 1840s on their honeymoon when there was nothing more than a hunting lodge in the valley of Kylemore. Mitchell Henry bought and built Kylemore for his wife Margaret as an act of love, and they enjoyed building their life and family of 9 children in the Connemara Highlands. Tragedy struck when Margaret died from dysentery while traveling in Egpyt in 1874. Today the estate is the Abbey and home of  the Benedictine community of nuns who arrived in 1920. The main rooms of the castle are open for viewing, but the gardens are really where we enjoyed spending our time. The gardens are very pretty, and there is a cafe next door. We also appreciated there are children’s activities along the walk to the gardens with various musical instruments available for play along the way. Kylemore is strikingly beautiful, and in my opinion the most beautiful castle I visited due to its location in the Connemara National Park. In front of the house there is also a paved pathway that will take you along the lake and there is access to a little sand beach with benches and picnic tables. Also on site is another restaurant and store which had great souvenirs! I can’t describe the beauty of this place and the feeling of serenity present. This was a great day trip with our daughter in tow!

We traveled to Kylemore Abbey from Galway, and the drive took us appx 1 hour 30 mins. The drive is beautiful thru Connemara National Park. The entrance fee includes access to the house and all of the estate and the cost is 13Euro per adult. Children under 10 are free, and tickets are discounted online!

Do you have a favorite Irish castle?

Dingle, Ireland

Best 2 week Itinerary thru Ireland with kids
Our Route thru Ireland

We have returned from Ireland after just shy of 3 weeks tripping about the beautiful country. Ireland was stunning, and we made so many wonderful memories with our family! Over the next 6 weeks I will be exclusively covering Ireland. Today, I am starting with an entry I made about Dingle, Ireland written on April 22nd.

Dingle, Ireland: We have been in Ireland for about 10 days now, and we have 1 more week to go. Unfortunately today, I am bed bound fighting a stomach bug missing out on the adventures. 😦 However, it provides time to write which I guess gives me something to do 🙂 So today, I am reminiscing about our day trip to Dingle!

We have set up base camp in Killarney, Ireland for 5 nights, and we are taking day trips from here. We visited Dingle yesterday, and it was a fabulous destination! Our daughter had such a blast the entire day!

Dingle is a seaside town that sits on Dingle Harbor on the Southern Peninsula of the Wild Atlantic Way. It is the only town on the Dingle Peninsula, and a lovely day trip from Killarney with kids!

Dingle, Ireland
Dingle, Ireland

Travel: Dingle is accessible via 2 main roadways, the N86 and the R561, and will take you appx 1 hour from Killarney which is where we set up base. There are also tour companies that offer day trips to the Dingle Peninsula from Cork, Killarney, etc. One reputable company that I have heard recommended, and who has great reviews is here!


Fungi Dolphin Cruise: Living near the coast we see dolphins routinely, but this dolphin is special and very interesting as he has made his home in Dingle Harbor since 1983. Other dolphins have come into the harbor, and Fungi sometimes interacts with them but he has chosen to never leave Dingle Harbor. The boat tours only observe Fungi in his natural environment, but are so sure to see Fungi that the cruise is free if he is not seen. Fungi seems to thrive on the enthusiasm and applause of his spectators, and some fishermen in Dingle have spent a life time alongside Fungi. A very special creature indeed. The cruise in itself was beautiful as viewing Dingle from the water was stunning! Our daughter was very excited to see Fungi, and is still talking about it very enthusiastically. She kept saying he was playing “hide and seek” with her. It is noteworthy to mention due to the weather in Ireland and the water entering the harbor we experienced some choppy seas. I recommend a water proof jacket for a child especially. There was one point when a sailboat sailing near us capsized, and a huge wave splash onboard our boat and drenched a mom and her baby from the neck down. We booked with Dingle Dolphin Boat Tours, and were very pleased!

Dingle Town: Dingle town looks like a child designed it with every building a different color. This could make for a very interesting game of “I spy” 🙂 We shopped around town, and then headed for lunch and ice cream. My favorite store in Dingle was The Strand House It had a lovely selection. Don’t miss the upstairs women’s section and café! I also was very impressed with Dingle Artworks on Green Street. I bought a handcrafted wooden sheep with sheep wool from local artist Ian Buckett. We ate lunch at The Boatyard Restaurant, and I cannot recommend it enough. It was a great atmosphere for families and the food was on point! Then we made our way for ice cream at Murphy’s which is famous in Ireland! Murphy’s sources fresh local ingredients from local Kerry cows and free range eggs and offers unique flavor combinations. I had the Dingle Sea Salt flavor which is their best seller and made with salt sourced from the harbor in Dingle. My husband had the caramel with fresh cream and caramel on top and our daughter had strawberry and cream. All were delicious!

Wild Atlantic Way Passport: You can pick up a Wild Atlantic Way Passport at select post offices and visitor centers along the route. As you make your way along the Wild Atlantic Way you can get your passport stamped at each scenic spot. There are 188 discovery points listed in the Passport that are divided into 6 zones. The cost of the passport is 10Euro. Our daughter loved her passport and obtaining her stamps at each stop along the way! This is a great way to get kids engaged in the route! The visitor center in Dingle is adjacent to where the Fungi boat trip offices are at the base of the harbor.

The Wild Atlantic Way Passport
Get your Wild Atlantic Passport stamped at all of the stops along the way!

Inch Beach: Also located on the Dingle Peninsula off N86 between Killarney and Dingle is Inch Beach. We chose to stop at Inch Beach after our day in Dingle on our drive back to Killarney. The beach is accessible by car and you are allowed to drive directly onto the beach for parking in the designated areas. This beach is really quite stunning, and offers a great opportunity for little ones to run wild in beautiful scenery. The tide comes in far and creates wading pools which our daughter loved splashing in. The right side of the beach also has an abundance of shells which she loved discovering. There is a restaurant and café on site as well as surf rentals and lessons. Don’t miss this beautiful spot!

Inch Beach, Ireland
Inch Beach, Ireland

More Ireland posts coming soon… Next week I will be covering the best Irish castles/ houses with tots!